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Pink checkered stamp dress

Pink checkered stamp dress

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The Pink Checkered Stamp Dress is a trendy and stylish garment that combines the classic charm of checkered patterns with a modern twist. Featuring a pink color palette and stamped checkered design, this dress exudes a playful and youthful vibe. The checkered pattern adds visual interest and dimension to the dress, while the pink hue adds a touch of femininity. Perfect for casual outings or daytime events, this dress offers a chic and effortless look.

Components - 1

Fabric - Khadi

Colours - Pink

Care information

Your clothes will last as long as you take care of them.
Gradual fading of colour and some shrinkage is normal. We would suggest DRY CLEAN only, However, Here are some steps you can take to preserve your garments:

WHILE WASHING-To reduce shrinkage and protect colours - wash the garment in cold water.

WHILE DRYING- Excessive heat and tumble dry action encourages shrinkage and is very rough on fabric. If you can, please avoid tumble drying

WHILE IRONING- Always iron your prints inside out. Delicate fabrics should be ironed on low heat to prevent burns and damage.

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